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How to Draw a Portrait in 30 Minutes

This class is based on my twenty years' experience as a portrait artist and my personal approach to portraiture. I have developed unique technique that allows the creation of museum quality portraits in only 30 minutes!

In this three hour workshop with a life model you will learn:

Most importantly you will learn to enjoy the process of art making through guided instruction by an experienced portraiture artist.

Student testimonials

Alex has developed his own technique which is unlike any I've taken. I learned more in 4 hours than weeks of classes.
- Deborah Shiloff

Another excellent opportunity to learn speedy, accurate and very satisfying techniques to capture a likeness. I highly recommend it.
- Louise Lamb

The lesson plan was very helpful in totality - many helpful tips and insights on how to tackle portraits.
- B. Tiller

Alex was amazing at showing us his 'Method' using the four conte colors. You get the first two down and then the third makes the drawing ‘pop' and the fourth adds even more dimensionality. His method for understanding the anatomy and structure of the human face was also a revelation from the way I had been taught before.
- Julia Penny

Within a small time frame, the class was able to experience a sense of achievement as he led us first through an amazing demonstration then gave us enough time to work through two valuable drawing exercises. The critiques at the end were inclusive and valuable. I would certainly do this again, and urge others in learning this technique to do so.
- Lynne McCarthy

After a 20 year lapse in conte drawing, Alex helped me get back into it. Very constructive and informative, I am glad to have learned his unique technique. It will definitely help my drawing.
- Brenda Martin


One-on-one instruction or group lessons for up to 12 people can be arranged at cre8ery classroom. The facility is a relaxed environment equipped with chairs, tables, drawing horses, some easels and drawing boards. All supplies for the workshop are included in the prices below as well as classroom rent and model's fee.

Number of students Price per person
1 $550
2 $275
3 $185
4 $140
5 $110
6 to 12 $90

Workshops usually take place at cre8ery classroom, located at 2nd floor - 125 Adelaide Street, Winnipeg. Dates and times are flexible, please contact me for details. If you are an art club or a school representative, the workshop can be arranged at your facility. I have instructed this workshop at number of schools and art centres in Winnipeg and the area, including Gimli Art Club, Portage la Prairie Art Centre, Golden Prairie Arts Council at Carman, Artists Emporium, Qualico Family Centre at Assiniboine Park and more.

Supplies for the workshop: white, red, brown, black conte, butcher paper or crafts paper - 2 pages 18" x 24" for each student, kneaded eraser, paper clips, pencils 2B or 4B or 6B or natural charcoal stick, 4 sheets of newsprint paper, paper towel and pencil sharpener.